Xanthoceras sorbifolium

shrub of the family Sapindaceae (Lichee, Longan, Varnish Tree, Xanthoceras)

Origin: it was discovered by Fr David, in the North of China in 1868.
Habitat: Xanthoceras can be acclimated easily on any soil type, even calcareous (drought), but it prefers a bit humid clay soil. It prefers a sunny site, sheltered from frost.
Height: 7 m
Rate of Growth: slow.
Shape: Xanthoceras is either a tree with unique trunk, or a shrub composed of several fine trunks. Its form is upright.
Deciduous foliage. compound leaves, imparipinnate, in 9-17 leaflets sessiles, lanceolate, regularly toothed margin of small teeth, of a green shiny.
Flowers: white with a red central stain, grouped upright panicles; period of blossoming: April-May.
Fruits: capsules, elliptical, brown to black.
Use: decorative shrub, because of its nice abundant blossoming. Is planted insulated.
Maintenance: from the end of blossoming, prune the faded inflorescences. Watch the attacks of cryptogamic.
Reproduction: Xanthoceras can be reproduced from suckerses.



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