Japanese andromeda, Pieris japonica

Bush of the family Ericaceae (Arbutus, Heather, Rhododendron).

Origin: Asia.
Habitat: Japanese andromeda prefers shade or half shade. A humid soil is suitable for it, possibly enriched with peaty soil.
Hardiness: zone 4 (it supports cold until -35 °C or -31 °F).
Height: 3 m
Shape: upright, thin, flexible stems somewhat tangled.
Persistent foliage. Opposite and simple leaves, bright red in spring becoming tinged then with rose, with cream white and finally dark green polished up (the picture opposite is that of variegated variety).
Flowers: white, grouped in clusters, in April-May.
Use: Japanese andromeda can be planted insulated in a massif of shrubs. Its foliage is particularly original.

Variety: variegated Japanese andromeda, Pieris japonica variegata



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