You appreciate the site, for its contents or the answers it brought to your researches.
The author dedicated ten years to study trees and to learn to identify them, then three years, to constitute the documentary base and the photographic base, and to learn programming languages (Php Mysql, javascript, xml). Updating and enrichment of the site are since made continuously.
In 2006, I founded an association, "trees passionately", the purpose of which is to promote the knowledge of trees to respect them better. On the principle that we respect more what we known and that trees deserve respect and protection because they play an essential role in the life of the planet and therefore of the men who live on it.
You can participate in the objectives of the association by contributing of various ways:

  • By sending accurate documents which will be published,
  • By making a financial donation to the association "trees passionately" which will help to renew the equipment (computer, software, camera), either by online payment (Paypal).


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