Identification of a simple leaf (simple blade) :


Measure the ratio of the length of the blade (part of the leaf which picks up the light, without the petiole) on its widest breadth, by helping you of this grid.
If the graph gives a ratio of 1,6 for example, it is necessary to search leaves with a ratio included between (ratio 1) 1,4 and (ratio 2) 1,8 or 1,5 and 1,7 because leaves are not quite rigorously homothetic.

ratio 1 (the smallest):
ratio 2:
Flowers and fruits month by month or by colour:
you can make a research for a month alone (any colours) either one month and a colour of flower / fruit or search the flowers / fruits of a colour (for example white indifferently of the month of blossoming - in that case, choose month = "all").
Month of blossoming or fructification:


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