Deutzia, Deutzia gracilis

shrub of the family Hydrangeaceae (Deutzia, Hydrangea, Hydrangea, Mock Orange)

Etymology: Deutzia is named after Johann van der Deutz, 18th century botanist who introduced many Japanese plants in the West. "gracilis" translates as "gracious " or "thin" refers to thin stems.
Origin: Asia.
Habitat: Deutzia is easily acclimated on any soil and position. Shadow is not favourable to blossoming.
Species: Deutzia gracilis, Deutzia comunata (to the left), Deutzia setchuanensis (below).
Height: 3 m
Bark: shedding in scales.
Shape: spread with arched branches.
Deciduous foliage. Simple and opposite, oblong leaves, regularly toothed margin with small teeth, bright green, smooth and fluffy on the reverse.
Flowers: starry of a pure white and deliciously fragrant; period of blossoming: in May in June.
Fruits: small capsules of green colour to brown.
Use: Deutzia is planted in hedge, in shrubbery, or isolated.
Maintenance: at the end of blossoming, prune the faded inflorescences of Deutzia. Do not prune branches, at the risk of reducing the next blossoming.



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