Simple Leaves toothed margin, ratio between 1.4 and 15 (2/7)

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Bluegum Eucalyptus, leaf
Bluegum Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus globulus, gunnii, niphophila, regnans
Bay Laurel, leaf
Bay Laurel
Laurus nobilis
Southern red Oak, leaf
Southern red Oak
Quercus falcata
Russian-olive, leaf
Elaeagnus angustifolia
Wisconsin Weeping Willow, leaf
Wisconsin Weeping Willow
Salix alba
Leatherleaf Viburnum, leaf
Leatherleaf Viburnum
Viburnum rhytidophyllum
Swamp Laurel Oak, leaf
Swamp Laurel Oak
Quercus laurifolia
Willow-leaf Pear, leaf
Willow-leaf Pear
Pyrus salicifolia
Pomegranate, leaf
Punica granatum
Bay Laurel, leaf
Bay Laurel
Laurus nobilis
Black Tupelo, Black Gum, Sour Gum, Pepperidge, leaf
Black Tupelo, Black Gum, Sour Gum, Pepperidge
Nyssa sylvatica
Common Smoke Tree, leaf
Common Smoke Tree
Cotinus coggygria, Rhus cotinus

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