Black Tupelo

tree of the family Nyssaceae

Origin: The East of North America. The Nyssa sylvatica is native to swampy areas and flooded Florida (East of North America) where it grows as the bald cypress "feet in the water. " The Nyssa sinensis comes, as indicated by its name from China.
Habitat: humid forests.
Height: 25 m tall.
Shape: crown in conical, horizontal branches.
Trunk up to 80 cm in diameter.
Bark: thick, grey, deeply cracked, shedding in flakes. 
Deciduous foliage. Elliptical, spatulate leaves (a bit as the leaf of deciduous magnolia), of 5-13 cm long, 3-7 cm broad,
Greenish flowers, carried by long peduncles.
Fruits: drupes, elliptic, of 1 cm long, carried, by 2, on long peduncles. Colour turn purple in maturity.
Use: ornamental tree in Europe, notably because of its nice autumnal colours.


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