Poplar of Sichuan, Populus szechuanica

Origin : West of China. Introduced into Europe in 1908.
Habitat: wood of humid mountains.
Bark: pinkish grey, which cracks in flakes by getting old.
Height: 40 m tall.
Shape: irregular; angular branches.
Triangular leaves, of 20 cm long, heart-shaped base, acuminate, smooth margin or in very small teeth. As in the lasiocarpa, the petiole (or leafstalk) and the vein median are red (the leaf as a whole is less long). Thibetica variety is tomentose under leaves.
Flowers in May, before leaves: males with red anthers, female catkins pendulous, greens, on separated feet (species dioecious).
Fruits: capsules grouped in 6 cm clusters. They open to liberate seeds like cotton-wool.

Poplar with big leaves, Populus lasiocarpa


Origin : centre of China, discovered by the Irish doctor Henry (1857-1930), imported in Europe, by Wilson, in 1889.
Height: 20 m tall.
Leaves: 30 cm long; heart-shaped blade. The petiole is long and red; ribs are also red and salient catkins are bisexuals, what is rare at poplars. The male flowers are at the end.


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