Hop-Hornbeam, Ostrya carpinifolia

tree of the family Betulaceae (Alder, Birch, Hornbeam)

Etymology: "Ostrya" comes from its Greek name ostrya. "Hornbeam hop" reminds that it has the form of Hornbeam and fruits resembling those of the hop.Origin: Southern Europe, Middle East.
Variety: American varieties which hard wood is sued to make mallets and posts.
Lifespan: 150 years.
Height: 15-20 m tall.
Form (insulated tree): rounded crown.
Deciduous foliage: its leaf resembles that of Hornbeam (12 - 15 pairs of ribs), but it is doubly toothed, and pubescent.
Flowers: male catkins of 5-7 cm, females small, green, in April, with leaves.
Its fruit in cluster resembles that of the hop.


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