Advice of the month June

the weather improves, temperatures augment and days last more. The first fruits (precocious apricots, cherries) will be good to harvest.

  1. Fruit trees:
    - Thin: remove some redundant fruit so that those which stay are nicer. Naturally, the imperfect fruits fell to the soil.
    - Watch the attacks of aphids and of other insects and deal immediately if necessary.
    - Treat Peach tree against the Leaf Curl if your tree is attacked.
    - If your trees adorn with many herbaceous stems, the vigour of which risks to exhaust the resources of the tree, do not hesitate to thin. This operation consists in pruning redundant stems at 5-6 leaves, so as to force back the sap downward.
    - Protect the harvest in the orchard by installing traps for parasites steering wheels (Codling of the apple tree).
    - move away the blackbirds of your cherry trees with the aid of decoy, for example of some paper pendulous aluminium. The best, of course, would be to envelop your filament cherry trees. Or else, with philosophy, consider that the blackbirds will always leave you enough.
  2. Trees and shrubs:
    - Remove the faded flowers of your Rhododendrons and Azaleas.
    - Prune shrubs when flowers are fades. Apply a selective weedkiller.
    - Treat conifers with an insecticide based on deltamethrin, to struggle against the cochineal insect. Give a shower to subjects planted in year.
    - Water regularly your shrubs with summer blossoming, notably those driven in pots on terraces and balconies.

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