Parrotiopsis jacquemontia

tree of the family Hamamelidaceae (Witch hazels, Liquidambar, Parrotia, Parrotiopsis).

Origin: West of the Himalayas.
Habitat: forests.
Height: 6 m tall.
Shape: upright crown.
Bark: grey, smooth.
Deciduous foliage. Rounded off leaves, short petiole, toothed margin, 8 cm long.
Flowers in April, possibly persist until summer. They are tiny, without petals, composed of stamens with yellow anthers. What it would be possible to take for big white petals, of 2 cm, is only bracts, colour off-white (distinctive also of Cornus nuttallii and of the tree in cases). The back of bracts becomes covered with scales.
Fruits in small brown, prickly capsules.

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