Difference Sycamore Norway Maple Hedge Maple Italian Maple Maple of Montpellier
Particular soil / habitat Humid atmosphere soils rich in nitrogen, neutral. tolerate limestone tolerate limestone tolerate limestone
Lifespan 600 years 500 years 120 years 500 years 150 years
Size 30 m
(quick growth)
25 m
(quick growth)
10-15 m, often numerous trunks 20 m 15 m, often numerous trunks
Bark shedding in dark grey scales clearly and yellowish smooth blackish reddish-brown, then deeply cracked harsh, cracked clearly in dark grey, separated by blades thick corkies shedding in grey square scales grey - dark, cracked vertically
Leaves L = 18 cm
5 toothed lobes.
big (35 cm),
5-7 barely toothed lobes, fine.
small (10 cm)

3-5 lobes very cut away, rounded margins.
L = 18 cm
3-5 rounded lobes, without tips, and smooth.
small (8 cm), coriaceous, 3 lobes only, smooth margin. Shining dark green top.
Petiole 5 - 10 cm long (15 cm), containing latex. a bit long a bit long short
Flowers... green, pendulous clusters (12 cm) small, green, upright clusters (corymbs) small, green, upright clusters (corymbs) small, green, upright clusters (corymbs) yellow pendulous racemes.
produced in April, after leaves in March-April, before leaves in April-May, with leaves in April, with leaves in April-May, with leaves
Fruits 2 wings form an acute angle 2 wings form an angle a liitle acute (plan!). 2 wings are lined up; grouped by 4, red spotted, in plan. grouped in clusters with bowed red peduncle. Red. small; acute angle; becoming tinged with red.

Maples with big leaves (length> 20 cm):


Norway maple

variegated Norway maple

Red maple (American)
Maples with smaller leaves (length <20 cm):

Field Maple

Italian maple

maple of Montpellier

Rarer maples still:

Acer platanoides cucullatum:
leaves fan-shaped ended by lobes bent as labels (here in autumn).

Acer platanoides lobergii:
very deep lobes, sharp tips. Size of the tree: 15 m tall.

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