Cryptomeria or Sugi

Cryptomeria family Taxodiaceae (Athrotaxis, Cryptomeria, Cunninghamia, Baldcypress, Glyptostrobus, Dawn Redwood, Sequoia, Taïwania)

Origin: China (cryptomeria of China, or Sugi of China), Japan (cryptomeria of Japan or Sugi of Japan). Brought by James Cunningham, first "hunter" of plants in China. By 1700, he brings Cryptomeria and the Fir of China.
Origin habitat: cool and humid slopes.
Height: 30 m tall.
Strip the bark from brown-red-orange, fibrous, exfoliating strap-like stringy.
Shape: pyramidal, more opened to the cryptomeria of China than to its cousin of Japan.


Persistent foliage: needles decurrent (enveloping the stem), pointed, characteristic, not flattened like other conifers with needles (they resemble those of the giant sequoia, by being longer). Light green colour. Arrangement of leaves in aircraft propeller around the stem. Stems pendulous.

Spherical fruits. Ripe in autumn. 2 cm. Scales peltates (in the form of shield).

Use: tree of park ornament (in Europe).

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