the pruning of the fruit trees

the fruit trees produce only during about fifty years. Still it is necessary to help them to concentrate their production on quality rather than quantity. It is there that pruning intervenes.
It allows to stimulate the development of the lateral branches, close to the main branches to the detriment of main branches .

One differentiates:

  1. format pruning:
    A young fruit tree is pruned to make a form (refer to specialised works). Balance the framework by removing the branches which cross. Older, the fruit tree must again be pruned. It is of:
  2. cleaning pruning:
    Remove the dead branches, those which intersect (by keeping the most vigorous) and the damaged woods. Take this opportunity to also remove all the rotten fruit that would have been able to stay on the branches.
  3. the thinning:
    the purpose of this stage is to bring light in the centre of the tree, to guarantee homogeneous fruits. For it, remove branches pointing inwards.
  4. the pulling down:
    Reduce the length of the main branches by removing their end (it is what one calls "to pull down "). This is to spread the sap in the lateral branches, and the development of which will be stimulated. This is true for all trees, not just the fruit trees. But we must also cast off the side branches, so that fruiting takes place close enough to the main branch and not the end of long branches bearing only leaves!
When to prune in year: trees with pips (apple tree, pear trees) are pruned in winter. Trees with stones (plum trees, cherry trees) are pruned in August or September, but not later: healing would become wrong.

You will find here the calendar of the pruning of trees.

What branches to prune?
the main branches are cut at 1-2 m from their end. It eliminates the tangled branches that clog the heart of the tree or prevent light scattering.
Where to prune?
It is necessary to prune above a bud turned to the outside, allowing the branch to develop towards the outside.
When to prune?
A young tree is pruned, to avoid that it stretches out or that it crosses branches. A tree with maturity is then pruned to improve the quality of fruits.
One must prune in period of rest (lignification in August, when the tree gets ready for winter, and until winter, before the hatching of flowers).
It is also necessary that the environment does not attack the scar.
This orders a pruning rather in September for trees with stones (cherry trees, plum trees), which heal badly (and if possible protect scars with a special mastic), cut on the bias to avoid the inactivity of the water). Trees with pips (apple tree, pear trees) can be pruned later.
the cut must be frank with a tool well whet, and clean, to avoid transmitting any illness. Enjoy for treating fruit trees with copper: cuivrol or Bordeaux mixture. Add water and soap or a liter of milk for 5 gallons of water so that it sticks.

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